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Johnny Lewis has flown his hot air balloon over the sand scraped pyramids of The Valley of the Kings in Egypt for National Geographic, lifted Sylvester Stallone skyward and shown him a view of the Earth from more than 5,000 feet, and even crashed his craft into the side of a building.

In the scene, when she is exiting the balloon, Gyllenhaal's character gives the balloon pilot a kiss for his troubles.

When asked who his favorite actor was to work with on the project, Lewis got a little diplomatic and said everyone was great. But after thinking a while longer, Lewis said he would have to choose Bridges, because he was so easygoing.

Adidas Cap For Winter

Adidas Cap For Winter

"We had to shoot it over and over," Lewis said about his scene. "And we kept shooting it from different angles and she (Gyllenhaal) just kept kissing me and kissing me," he laughed.

Lewis said Adidas Cap For Winter he Nike Hat Navy Blue

Adidas Cap For Winter

Another great story Lewis loves to tell is when he took Sylvester Stallone and some of the actor's friends on a balloon ride while Stallone was working on one of the "Rambo" films. Lewis said he was very impressed by Stallone and the actor is a genuinely nice guy.

The permit would have allowed him to legally fly over the pyramids, but he didn't have one.

"I'm only really worried when he does the crazy stuff for movies. Still, he's the best balloon pilot and the best husband, and he's always a lot of fun."

Adidas Cap For Winter

Adidas Cap For Winter

"It looks like I'm getting my feet wet this winter," he joked.

Lewis said he will work for the Ritz Carlton in Grand Cayman and passengers pay about $480 an hour for his services. Those passengers get to see the islands from above as well as experience a landing on a 22 foot Catamaran.

Although he was in jail for only a few hours, Lewis said, it still makes for a great story.

worked on the film in September 2008 for a one day shoot with his balloon. During that time Lewis got to spend some quality time with Bridges and Gyllenhaal, who were in the scene with him.

A balloon ride with the stars

Adidas Cap For Winter

Adidas Cap For Winter

Adidas Cap For Winter

But Lewis didn't exactly walk away empty handed. He not only met a few of his favorite actors, but also was kissed repeatedly by Gyllenhaal.

with," Lewis said. "They're as neat and nice as can be and they get even nicer in the balloon. They're no longer stars, they're your passengers."

In his career as a balloon pilot, Lewis has not only worked on "Crazy Heart" but also was featured in the European film "Hot Air," which was a 3D movie released in 1982. He also was in Adidas Hat Winter

"He's just a great actor and a great person, and just so easy to work with. He's just an everyday kind of guy," Lewis said.

Adidas Cap For Winter

"I went to jail for that one," Lewis said.

Lewis said production was going fine until a dispute developed over a permit.

He said the scene was filmed repeatedly from different angles. While he was in a majority of the scene, most of his 15 minutes of fame were left on the cutting room floor.

When his day of shooting wrapped, he also got pictures and autographs with many of the cast and crew. To show he also had a little celebrity in him as well, Lewis offered his autograph to Bridges.

This cowboy of the clouds, who makes his home in Hawley, has done just about everything in his balloon, including being featured in this year's critically acclaimed film "Crazy Heart." The movie stars Jeff Bridges who garnered a best actor nomination at tonight's Academy Awards for his role as Bad Blake Maggie Gyllenhaal, and film legend Robert Duvall.

an NBC documentary and even arrested while working on a documentary for National Geographic about the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

When he's not working on a documentary or a film, the balloon pilot is taking passengers up into the Santa Fe sky for a once in a lifetime experience. But the opportunity will cost a pretty penny, as the excursion runs into the hundreds of dollars.

His wife, Debbie, said she is proud of her husband and doesn't even mind him getting kissed by movie stars. But she does worry sometimes about his flying, even though he has an impeccable safety record.

"They were really good to work Jordan Cap Original

Adidas Cap For Winter

Adidas Cap For Winter

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