Boston Celtics Hat Black

Boston Celtics Hat Black

VG's bakery, tasty treats being baked in a family environment. One of "Your Stories." There's no place like this one.

But the tempting treats were pushing them out of the house. "We had to make the decision, are we going to be a business or are we gonna quit, cause the house was turning into a bakery," says Gwin.

Boston Celtics Hat Black

Boston Celtics Hat Black

"I get a lot of kicks out of it. I've always liked Bob Dylan anyway, but to think that he was craving Vanessa's pound cake always made me happy," says Gwin.

Boston Celtics Hat Black

Boston Celtics Hat Black

A bakery in Farragut mixes up delicious creations in a family environment

Welcome to VG's Bakery where the treats are yummy yet the chef is no where to be found. She's a little camera shy, but boy is she good at what she does.

my whole life," says Gwin.

There's a little bakery in East Tennessee known for it's delicious delectables. In fact, this bakery has not only received praise here locally, it's been recognized by a big time rock and roller.

Together the two are a culinary dream, but it took time to get to where they are now.

The farmer's markets are also a huge part of their business. In fact, Gwin says it would be hard to survive without them. "We go to where the people are. It's almost like having a grocery store environment because Boston Celtics Hat Black people are coming to shop," says Gwin.

And so VG's Bakery New Era Detroit Red Wings

"In 1986 we had just had our first child, Katie, who works Ny Cap Blue

Boston Celtics Hat Black

Boston Celtics Hat Black

On a fateful day. "We met in 1979 at Darryl's Restaurant on Bearden Hill. I was the new meat cutter and she was the salad prep person and I just thought she was the cutest thing I'd ever seen in New Era Caps Black

Boston Celtics Hat Black

was born in Farragut. "Everything's 100 percent made from scratch. We do a full line of cookies, breakfast pastries, muffins, scones, sweet rolls, coffee cakes and we do a fairly wide array of breads," says Gwin.

Boston Celtics Hat Black

The goods are just plain good and they've even been recognized by a legendary rocker. "Bob Dylan also travels with a nutritionist who tries to keep him on track. He snuck down into the kitchen and saw Hollis down there one night and said, 'Hey Hollis, got anymore of that pound cake?' And apparently he put it into some line of a song that he wrote just for the fun of it," says Gwin.

Boston Celtics Hat Black

here now. We'd agreed that Vanessa would take a year off from work," says Gwin. "She's a chef trained at the Culinary Institute of America, had never taken any time off before so after a month she was going crazy so she wrote up a little hand menu of baked goods and treats," says Gwin. as she's called, and her husband, David, started cooking in their home. "Club LeConte was one of our first accounts," says Gwin.

Boston Celtics Hat Black

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