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abusive know it alls.

New Era Caps 2015

Mr Shaw says having so many children means life is "busy" for him and his wife.

"We just thought it would be a nice Ny Cap Women

New Era Caps 2015

Their first child was Shannon, now 15, followed by Adam, 14, Ryan, 13, Kelsey, 12, Franky, 10, Leo, 9, Laura, 8, Keenan, 6, Cody, 5, Madison, 5, Kaydn, 4, Tyler, 2 and Keavy, 10 months.

He worked as a postman until four years ago, when he had an accident at work.

New Era Caps 2015

New Era Caps 2015

"Obviously the kids are growing up and going to get married, and I would like them to be known to the church."

Stop and think before you judge

New Era Caps 2015

New Era Caps 2015

thing to do for them to be baptised and have a sense of place in the community, because we are quite a large part of the community. Everyone knows us.

"It's like it used to be in the old days. No matter what the story on here is there are always numptyheads dashing for the keyboard to complain about something. Britain is very good at this didn't you know?. Assuming things then being very quick to judge. Often is the case where a couple hundred words in a news story suddenly gives everyone the right to become New Era Nhl All Star Game

I would have liked 6 children of my own but due to my husband becoming ill meaning we were forced to claim benefits and lost our mortgaged home we had to stop at 5, but I look wistfully at this lovely well kept family.

New Era Caps 2015

After reading all the comments I re read this article just to make sure and it doesn't state at any point whether or not the mother has a job so y jump the conclusion and so what if they r. u jealous? either way ur gonna be payin tax out ya wages and no amount of moaning will change that. For all you no the 15 and 14 yr old could have paper rounds and try and help out where they can.

New Era Caps 2015

The children of school age are all pupils at the Nottingham Academy.

"They sat at the side of the church, in the nave, all in a row and I have never seen such a well behaved family. They just sat there looking around, taking an interest, watching the people in the church singing hymns and prayers.

The Rev Tony Luckcuck, vicar of St John's, said he was delighted to be asked to baptise the children. "I thought 'bless me', isn't this marvellous in this day and age for the same mother and the same father to have 13 New Era Caps 2015 children," said Mr Luckcuck. "That's something really rather lovely, and they are a lovely family too.

"It's so rare. If you have a family of seven children you would think they have been married and they have divorced, and have two lots of children, but no. They are the same parents and they are still together, and they love each other and love the children.

New Era Caps 2015

The family live in a four bedroom house in Bakersfield, and Mr Shaw had to build three triple bunk beds to fit all of the children into the rooms. The dining room has also been Cincinnati Reds Caps

converted into a bedroom.

New Era Caps 2015

Well I think it's lovely and I have 5 children of my own plus 2 stepsons (not living with us)

The couple are carers for Stacy's mum, who lives in Carlton, as well as their son Ryan, who has Schmidt's syndrome, a disease which affects the immune system and hormones.

A Bakersfield couple are getting their 13 children baptised on the same day

Also the fact they are a carer for her mum and the child dont mean she cant work. She could just be a carer in the sense she helps with meal times and baths at her mother's house. The dad could take care of the child whilst she is at work.

They seem to be doing a brilliant job!! It's nice to see such a happy stable family for once!!!!

New Era Caps 2015

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