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NASHUA Living in the same Lock Street house he was born in 80 years ago, Maurice "Mo" Ouellette, and his wife of 60 years, Doreen "Do" Ouellete, have seen Jordan Cap Design

From Nashua, students from the city's high schools and Parish of the Resurrection were laboring away on little sleep, as many of them had only left their school proms a few hours earlier.

Mount Pleasant parents raised about $9,000 toward the playground and the city donated an additional $5,000 for the equipment, Hall Lavoie said.

Chouinard has said the fees pay for food, T shirts, a block party and administrative costs related to marketing and promotion of the event.

"This probably would've taken us a year to get this all done," Mount Pleasant PTO President Hall Lavoie said, watching volunteers paint the school's blacktop, fix up a shed and haul playground equipment. "We're extremely grateful."

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"You never expected this," Mo Ouellete said. "It's so nice to see so many people here."

For Mo Ouellete, who has proudly kept up his home for decades, the work comes as a relief now that he is unable to do it himself, he said.

Across Concord Street, another massive undertaking was going on at Mount Pleasant Elementary School, as "Big Day" volunteers, the school's Parent Teacher Organization, and city workers propped up a brand new playground that the PTO had been fundraising for years.

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Community director Pattie Chouinard, who is also a nurse at Elm Street Middle School, said the regional participation in Saturday's event was overwhelming, as a total of 41 youth groups attended the event, traveling to Nashua from all over New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and Rhode Island to help.

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For many of the youth group volunteers, it was not their first time helping out with a service mission such as "Big Day." But for some, it was their first chance to make a difference in their own city, they said.

40 years the Ouellettes said they have been attending Neighborhood Crime Watch meetings, and the theme has been "miracles don't happen overnight."

"I'm tired, but I'm fine," Bishop Guertin junior Chris Zuercher said. "Once we get into the swing of things I think it will be better."

"We've had nothing but positive feedback," Chouinard said. "We've had a good response and people from the neighborhood have been coming out and helping."

"They were amazing," Chouinard said. "They were very gracious and very generous."

Looking out at their front porch, however, it truly seemed like a miracle as hundreds gave up their Saturday morning and a $39 entrance fee to paint the Ouelletes' deck and fence and to clean up the surrounding neighborhood.

The organization calls itself "interdenominational" and focuses on core Christian beliefs.

Instead, the PTO was on hand with snacks and refreshments for all of the laborers.

"I stare at that all day long," said Do Ouellete with a laugh, pointing out improvements being made at the complex across the street. "I love my porch. I read there all day."

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Ultimately, there were no hard feelings from the school or the Big Day of Serving, they said.

"I don't want it to look good, I just want it to look better," Mo Ouellette said of the area, in which his family has owned his property since 1924.

a lot of changes in French Hill not all of them good.

"Getting people to volunteer, period, is hard enough," Hall Lavoie said. "Asking them to pay would be even more difficult, and a lot of the staff from the school are here giving up their Saturday already."

500 volunteers from Nashua

Around the Ouelletes' neighborhood, crews fixed up gutters and pruned overgrown bushes and trees, while others cleaned out plant beds, plucked weeds, and raked rubble.

The Big Day of Serving is a faith based organization and part of Group Mission Trips, a nonprofit organization that hosts short term mission trips to help kids, students and adults "connect to Jesus while serving people in Christ's name," according to its website.

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the Big Day of Serving approached the PTO about helping with the playground, Hall Lavoie said they were thankful, but felt they could not pay the volunteer fees to back a faith based event as a school organization.

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On Saturday, almost 500 volunteers granted that wish as they arrived with clippers, weed whackers, paint brushes, ladders, lawn mowers, shovels, rakes and shearers to spruce up one of Nashua's oldest neighborhoods as part of New Hampshire's first Big Day of Serving event.

"We just wanted to be here to see it happen," added PTO Vice President Lianne DiGesse.

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The Immaculate Conception Life Teen ministry got the day started with a "pump up" performance, volunteers said, and the day ended with a celebration, barbecue, and more live music from Fixus from Manchester Christian Church at Greeley Park.

In all, the 500 person team worked on 26 projects, including transformations at Tolles Street Mission, the Upper Room, Salem Tot Lot, Dental Connection, and 7 other Adidas Cap Asos small home renovations.

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