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Ian Gardner says.

NICKY PIPER: Oh, it's fantastic. When I started getting into boxing it was about 1973 and I was seven and Muhammad Ali was right at the peak of his game. Everyone knew who he was and I followed the end of his career just as closely, the fights with Leon Spinks and Trevor Berbick and then on to the Larry Holmes era. Then I remember the lull we had then, which is similar to what we have been through recently, until Mike Tyson came along Adidas Hat Tan

JIM WATT: It's brilliant! The last time we were talking about this was with big Lennox and that seems a long time ago. As I have said earlier, I would've liked to have seen David have a couple more fights to establish himself as a heavyweight, but he clearly fancies himself as a world champion. I hope he does it and I hope he wants to stick around and really rule the division, because that is what boxing needs and British boxing as well.

Saturday, November 7

Boston Celtics Caps

and blew everyone away in 1985/86.

Aaron Cooper says.

JOHNNY NELSON: Like Jim says, just brilliant. Honestly, I want David to win so much; one, for British boxing and two, because down the years I have warmed to him. He has a lot of balls, has taken a helluva lot of stick but has always done it the right way and has got the results. I think he is the sort of charatcter that, if he comes through this, can light up the division. We all remember Muhammad Ali but until he came along, the heavyweight division was pretty dull, but he lit it up.

Boston Celtics Caps

go for it mate, the division deperately needs you.

And I really do think David has the potential to do just what Tyson did back then. He is relatively small like Tyson was, but has the speed, power and accuracy. Put him on one of those punching machines we sometimes see on Soccer AM and neither would probably hit as hard as the big heavyweights, but the fact they hit so much faster makes them devasating. I think there is a long term plan in place for David to light up the heavyweight scene and he can he is a good looking kid, he talks well and has plenty of charisma. The fact that we are sitting here now talking about the heavyweight world title again, with a British fighter as well, says it all. I think we're on the verge of something very exciting.


The way he spoke, the way he fought, you either loved him or loathed him but he got you talking. Ever since then, we have all been fascinated by the heavyweight champion and it's so good for the sport in this country to be sat here talking about one of our own becoming world champion. It would be a massive boost to boxing and inspiration to the other heavyweights out there that if you want it, if you don't just love the fame, but love the game, you can succeed. There is nothing like a heavyweight title fight for excitement and profile and I am so pleased for David and for us here at Sky that we are going to see a British fighter involved. with a genuine chance of winning and going on to bigger things.

It's a fight i'm really looking forward to especially since so many fights have fallen Boston Celtics Caps through this year. I've only seen Valuev fight once and i thought at the time that anyone with speed/skill could comfortably outbox him.

Boston Celtics Caps

GLENN McCRORY: The heavyweights have always been boxing's big draw and it's great that here we are, after so long, talking about a British guy fighting for the world title. The first Christmas present I remember getting was this little projector that had Joe Louis fights on. I also had some tapes of Ali fights and used to sit in my bedroom for hours watching them.

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Boston Celtics Caps

When I was growing up and even fighting, everbody in the country knew who the heavyweight champion was. No one could tell you who the middleweight champion was but everyone knew the name of Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston, Larry Holmes and even Mike Tyson. The heavyweight division just has that magic about, that mass appeal. The problem is since the Americans haven't done so well, that has suffered, but I do think David Haye has a real chance to be the next big thing, I really do. He'll take anybody on, he's rarely in a dull fight and he wants to entertain. When was the last time you could say that about a heavyweight champion?

Then I remember Muhammad Ali Joe Frezier and the Rumble in the Jungle and all Ali's predictions and words and New Era Philadelphia Phillies

A Brit of alright

that got me hooked on boxing. We do fabulously well for such a small country and are a force to be reckoned with, but we haven't really had one big heavyweight name, apart from Lennox Lewis. If David can pull this off and actually topple the giant, he will go on to be a superstar and I don't just mean here in Britain.

Boston Celtics Caps

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one of the old trainers once wisely stated " a good big un will always beat a good little un " well, Vaulev is not a good " big un " lateral movement for 12 rounds is very tough but if David can do this i think we will see the big russian undone.

Live on Sky Box Office

Boston Celtics Caps

Boston Celtics Caps

David Haye v Nikolai Valuev

and having him leabing all over you will be a massive drain on energy levels, i think Haye in 5

Pesronally im unsure of who to pick as the victor of this fight. I am suprised that people keep throwing up Hayes size as an obstacle. Ok Valuev is 7ft plus and Haye is only 6 3. But Chageav is only 6 1 and Holyfield the same height, the first beat him and the second lost a very dodgy decision. The only thing for Haye to watch is his chin he got dropped by barrett and mormeck and they had half the weight Valuev has to throw. Still i think it good for british boxing and the heavyweight division someone like Haye has come along. I truly hope he wins on saturday then he can test the reserve of the Klitchko morons. I cant imagine them ducking him although they may use his behaviour as an excuse. Unless Haye can get a knockdown Haye to win on points!

The Hayemaker will take on giant WBA champion, Nikolai Valuev, in Nuremberg on November 7, live on Sky Box Office. How good is that?

WBA Heavyweight title

Posted 14:28 2nd November 2009

Duncan Hughes says.

David can really bang ( ask enzo ) Valuev may not initially be bothered by Davids power New Era New York Rangers

Boston Celtics Caps

Boston Celtics Caps

Boston Celtics Caps

Posted 10:04 3rd November 2009

Boston Celtics Caps

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