Jordan Cap Green

Jordan Cap Green

Jordan Cap Green

doesn't like me either. Or does he? Oh well, I will never knowshrug

Jordan Cap Green

A Card To RememberZane TruesdaleChapter 8

window out ot the sea. When she was finished, she jumped a little because they clapped.

Jordan Cap Green

Jordan Cap Green

Zane:What's the idea?eager in his voice

Jaden:If we like your dinner, then we'll like your breakfast.!The gang(except Banner nad Sheppard) was walking down the ahlss of Duel Academy. Then an Obelisk Blue boy, and also Brooklyn Dodgers Hat 1947

This suddenly got Zane's attention.

Jordan Cap Green

Hataru got up and got dressed. She started to hum while she was cooking. She didn't realize when she started to sing(what ever song you want). The others Jordan Cap Green woke up to the beautiful voice that they were hearing. They all got and see who it was and then they spotted Hataru. She was looking out of the Nike Hat Gold Check

Alexis:frownIt's because of the rumors?Atticus:Well, you don't need to be scared of us. Besides, we are your friedns, aren't we?Banner:So is breakfast ready?

Tyson:Well, since i'm the most popular guy in Duel Academy, I think that if Hataru here would be my girlfriend everyone would stop those rumors. So what do you say Hataru?

Jordan Cap Green

Tyson:Stop what? I was just thinking of an idea that might dstop all those horrible rumors.

Jordan Cap Green

Okay, we left off with Hatary's friends, Banner and Sheppard sleeping in her dormroom.QS

Everyone looked at Hataru and she was thinking very carefully of what the deal was. She gave out a little sigh and made her desicion.

Alexis:You better stop that Tyson.

Hataru:Yep. Hope you like it.

the most popular guy in the whole school(well maybe third I don't care), appeared.

Memo:Okay. I would change Hataru's personilty in this chapter. I have a very good reason to it too. I hope that you all understand. Oh and can anyone tell me the code for the heart shape thingy. I want to know it very badly!

Jordan Cap Green

Hataru:He's so cute!!!!!!!!!^o^!!!!!!! I better stop saying that. __ " I don't even like him. And I bet that he Nike Cap For Man

Zane:angry voiceJust tell us the idea.

Jordan Cap Green

Tyson:It looks like someone got a crush on someone special hhuh?

Jordan Cap Green

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