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Nike Hats And Caps

Nike Hats And Caps

Here's a guide for modifying your bios. I did mine with an ati card so i can't give you much help with exactly what to change. Basically, you want to set all clock speeds, memory speeds and voltages to the "on load" (or whatever it's called) setting regardless of how busy the gpu is.

Nike Hats And Caps

All the info on when to downclock and how much is stored on the card's bios. (it can be changed in windows as well but it won't fix the boot problem and will only work once you've logged in and everything has loaded.)

It will take some time and might not even work. Also you kind of need an upgrade just for the sake of performance anyway. On the positive side, it would be a great learning experience. Playing around with bioses can teach you a lot and is quite fun if you enjoy that kind of thing.

Nike Hats And Caps

5.) Bad Power Supply (If all of the above failed to pull up any results its most likely your Power Supply, whether its not supplying enough juice, or its dying)

power, what psu are you using? list all your hardware please.

My gpu had 3 automatic settings stored in the bios. let's call them high, med, low.

Recently things started happening where all these green lines or sometimes other colours would appear all over the screen and everything was frozen. This has happened multiple time when i was trying to watch a video. I was unable to use the computer no mater how long i kept it on and waited it wouldn't become functional. So i held down the power button to force shutdown. On the reboot these artifacts will appear on the bios boot screen and windows would boot with them, though i was able to use the computer it had the artifacts and would only display at 800x600. This would stick after several reboots until the problem suddenly disappeared.

I changed the medium and low settings to the same as high.

on medium they were about 450, 600, 1.1v

8600 GT Green Artifacts Freezing

Nike Hats And Caps

1.) Bad Drivers (Run a driver cleaner and reinstall them)

if it's under warranty still (i doubt it), send for a replacement

Nike Hats And Caps

On high the settings were something like: core clock 900mhz, mem clock 1000mhz, and voltage at 1.1v

After flashing the modified bios back onto the card, reinstall all nvidia drivers (uninstall, driversweep, install) and it should hopefully work. If Chicago Bears Hat

3.) Bad Card (Run Furmark, if it crashes Adidas Cap Gold

That wasn't very clear so i'll give u an example.

Nike Hats And Caps

a new video card, but i cant help but to think that something on the software side is the problem so i don't want to buy something if it can be fixed.

(Edit) It looks from the Youtube video that its your card, drivers hadn't even loaded yet and your getting issues. Then Windows loads into the super small rez that it likes when things are wrong with the GPU. Try the post above, and if it doesn't work the card is dead. You COULD always run a memtest to make sure though.

Nike Hats And Caps

Unless it's the psu, here's what i think since it's a similar problem to a card i had.

Nike Hats And Caps

not, try upping the voltage across all levels slightly.

In order to save power and increase the lifetime of the gpu, it automatically downclocks the card and might undervolt it too. Usually this is fine but sometimes, either due to a bad card or degradation over time, the downclocking causes Nike Hats And Caps the card to be unstable.

2.) Bad RAM (Run memtest86+ over your RAM 2 3 times, if it comes back with errors, most likely the RAM)

4.) Cables are loose (Pretty Self Explanatory)

your overclock is either unstable or your card is dead/dying OR see number 5)

on low they were about 275,300,1.0v

cables (not likey since it was freezing aswell)

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Nike Hats And Caps

Nike Hats And Caps

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