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"What we'll do, is we will try and relocate it around a corner or to a side street, if it's possible to do so. Most of the time that's what we do, but if it's not safe to do so in terms of relocating it then we will have to take it to the impound."

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In addition to this rule, the city also introduced a "snow event" bylaw in 2008. The rule is sometimes referred to as the 'tag and tow bylaw' because vehicles parked Nike Cap Metal Swoosh on the street that are hindering snow removal may be towed and ticketed.

"When it's been predicted that we're going to get a heavy snowfall, which is at least eight centimetres of snow, then once that snow event is declared you New Era Ny Snapback

doesn't have a permit process in place during the four month overnight parking ban, bylaw officers try to be sympathetic during the festive season.

Eight vehicles were New York Giants Hat Baseball

towed last year, and the rate of vehicle removals has been much lower than Turner expected when the bylaw was first enacted.

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"We try to make some allowances over the holidays for visitors and parties and that sort of stuff because we certainly don't want people to be drinking and driving," said Turner.

"What we're finding is we're not seeing the parked car on the streets nearly as much as we thought we would," he said.

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Cambridge and Waterloo both ban overnight on street parking all year, rather than just during the winter months, but allow residents to call the city for temporary permits.

Last year, the city handed out almost $50,000 in snow event tickets.

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Nike Cap Metal Swoosh

Nike Cap Metal Swoosh

In Cambridge, when a "snow emergency" is called parking is banned on certain streets. There are 82 streets that have restrictions on either one or both sides during these snowy days.

However, when eight or more centimetres of snow is forecasted Waterloo declares a "snow ban" that voids all overnight permits, according to Phil Hewitson, the City of Waterloo's director of transportation.

While Kitchener Nike Hats Hibbets

can't park on any city street for 24 hours," Turner explained. and inform residents through the media, their website and other methods. The ban doesn't begin until midnight, in order to provide time for residents to learn a snow event has been declared.

600 tickets during snow events last year

"The purpose of that is to encourage people not to park on streets for the purposes of snow removal," said director of bylaw enforcement Shayne Turner.

from Dec. 1 to March 31 in Kitchener.

The fine for violating the overnight parking rule is regularly $30, but during a snow event fines are raised to $80, regardless of whether the resident's car is towed.

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"If your car is parked in such a way that it's going to create a problem for the snowplow then we'll tow your car away," said Turner.

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"[Overnight parking] is enforced proactively throughout the winter, regardless of whether or not we have a lot of snow. It's really just an exercise in making sure that people realize that winter parking overnight is just not allowed."

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Nike Cap Metal Swoosh

Nike Cap Metal Swoosh

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