New Era Super Bowl Xlviii

"Vila: Oh, God I don't believe this. Operator: It's okay man. Vila: Thank God my wife and my kids aren't here."

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New Era Super Bowl Xlviii

Vila, fearing for his life, shot Rosado in the chest. The bullet pierced his lung.

New Era Super Bowl Xlviii

New Era Super Bowl Xlviii

New Era Super Bowl Xlviii

New Era Super Bowl Xlviii

New Era Super Bowl Xlviii

"Vila: He said I know who you are, you're a cop. He was bashing up my side door. Operator: He knows you're a cop? Vila: I guess, yes."

911 call released in deputy involved shooting

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. A scared and surprised Corporal Kenneth Vila is holding the intruder at gun point while making the call for help. He didn't recognize the man, who turned out to be his neighbor, 20 year old Jean Rosado.

Vila stayed on the phone, while help was on the way. Rosado's family says Jean has schizophrenia. Vila says he thought his life was in danger.

New Era Super Bowl Xlviii

New Era Super Bowl Xlviii

"Vila: I said dude I'll shoot you and he's coming right after me and I shot him. Holy New Era Super Bowl Xlviii s. Golly brother."

Vila is on leave while the Collier County Sheriff's Office is investigating. Rosado's family says he is in treatment for his mental illness but sometimes he does not take his medication. They say while his injuries are serious, he is expected to recover.

Vila says he did not recognize the man who made several threats and started chasing him.

"Operator: As long as you're okay. Vila: I'm okay man but I had to protect myself. I didn't know Chicago Bulls Hats

"Vila: He goes I know you're a f ing cop and I'll kill you."

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"Vila: I've got him at gun point still. Operator: you've got him at gun point? Vila: Yeah, but I shot him. Bro, he was trying to get me."

"Vila: I had to shoot him brother. Operator: You shot him? Vila: I had to man. Operator: Okay. Vila: He was breaking in just coming in right after me man."

"Operator: collier county 911. Vila: Yeah, I just had somebody try to break into my house."

my house with a sledge hammer or something."

New Era Super Bowl Xlviii

New Era Super Bowl Xlviii

New Era Super Bowl Xlviii

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