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Senate seat. Rep. Paul Hodes, of Concord.

wouldn't have changed a thing about his campaign.

"Look at what they've done to our country," Wendy Langelier, an Ayotte supporter from Nashua said, referring to Hodes and other congressional Democrats.

"I fought as hard as I could, I stood up for what's right, I spoke the truth," he said in a brief interview after his concession speech.

and conniving politician, not a devoted prosecutor.

New Era Canada Hockey

He positioned himself as an independent thinker, highlighting his opposition to the Wall Street bailouts, among other spending bills.

The wide margin of victory Ayotte's 61 percent to Hodes' 36 percent, with about 60 percent of precincts reporting sent a different message than her razor thin win in September's primary election, which took until the next afternoon to call.

"Look at the direction we're going in The economy is symptomatic of all the issues across the country."

But the Concord Democrat said Tuesday that he Boston Celtics Cap

"She's got enthusiasm. She's got charisma. She walks into a room, and she lights up people's faces," John Keenan, an Ayotte supporter from Winchester, said Adidas Cap Green

A big win for junior senator who has plans

The results mirrored polls taken throughout the campaign, and they reflected voters' discontent with the Democratic Congress, which has increased federal borrowing and spending with little effect, Ayotte told the crowd of hundreds that gathered at Concord's Grappone Conference Center.

New Era Canada Hockey

Back at the Grappone Center, Ayotte vowed to work for her constituents, both Republican and Democrat.

"Now is the time to stand together (to meet) the serious challenges we face (in) giving a voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless and working together to build a better city, a better state, a better nation and world," Hodes told roughly 100 supporters gathered at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers hall in Concord.

New Era Canada Hockey

New Era Canada Hockey

New Era Canada Hockey

"Regardless of who you voted for, I will be a senator who will listen to the voters and respect their views," she said.

But these accusations failed to resonate with voters, who were drawn to her charm and character, they said.

Ayotte attacked Hodes throughout the campaign over his support for billion dollar legislation, including the federal stimulus package and the health care reform bill, which have only further damaged the struggling economy, she said.

New Era Canada Hockey

as he waited for her to address the crowds at the Grappone Center.

Parties and groups from across the country got involved in the election as well, analysts said throughout the race.

Indeed, he added, "I'd have much rather I'd won this time, for you, for us, for the state and our country."

"Make no mistake. Sen. Judd Gregg.

"I've lost races before, I've won some, but I must say, losing isn't all it's cracked up to be," Hodes joked, one of his first steps to lightening the mood in the IBEW hall.

New Era Canada Hockey

New Era Canada Hockey

New Era Canada Hockey

But Hodes questioned what she and her Republican colleagues will do moving forward.

"I've never volunteered for a campaign before, but once I heard she was running, I knew I had to get involved," echoed Jody Holt, of Bedford, who attended college with Ayotte at Penn State University. "That's the type of person she is People are seeing that across the state."

Hodes worked throughout the campaign to make the race a character battle, trying to paint Ayotte as an overambitious and aggressive conservative schooled under the typical right wing playbook.

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"He's done a good job for us," Ira Jacobs, a Hodes supporter from Merrimack, said as he left the polls. "He's looked out for the people, not the corporations."

"I'm still waiting to hear what (elected Republicans') real plan is," he said. "How are they going to reduce the deficit and (cut taxes) at the same time? How are they going to create new jobs by sending them overseas?" he asked rhetorically.

He contended that her failure as attorney general to prosecute a mortgage firm, now defunct, in a high profile Ponzi scheme failed taxpayers and voters. And he claimed that a string of her office e mails, which mention a possible Senate run as far back as 2006, show her as an ambitious New Era Washington Nationals

"I will not let that happen," she told the cheering throngs. "We're taking our country back."

Various conservative and business groups funded more than $5 million in attack ads against New Era Canada Hockey Hodes. Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee pulled much of its support from the Hodes campaign as the election approached.

Throughout the campaign, Hodes, 59, a Concord attorney who was first elected to Congress in 2006, worked to distance himself from the congressional Democrats under attack across the country.

But Hodes' message failed to resonate with many voters who said they were looking for a change from Congress' record federal spending.

New Era Canada Hockey

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