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person for car buyout From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Argus can reveal.

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Mr Simmonds told the Argus that it showed the "complete and utter contempt for the democratic process".

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Plaid Caerphilly leader Councillor Colin Mann said his party was "extremely concerned at the payments to essential car users".

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Appointed auditor and assistant auditor general at the WAO, Anthony Barrett, said: "Auditors working on behalf of the WAO are currently examining the processes used to buy out the essential users New York Yankees Cap Pink car allowance for Caerphilly Council staff. "

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"Commissioners have to be put in place in Caerphilly to restore the democratic balance," he said.

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It said: "The matter has been referred to Wales Audit Office by the acting chief executive and acting director of corporate services S151 Officer, for an independent review."

He said: "It seems morally wrong to me that the highest paid people have been treated differently on this issue and is another reminder to concerned residents of the previous issue where the same people received huge pay rises in a secret deal.

A shortlist is to go before full council on Tuesday.

place it in special measures."

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New York Yankees Cap Pink

PAYMENTS to buy senior members of staff out of a car scheme at Caerphilly council cost an average of more than 2,500 per person, the Jordan Hat Snapback

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A Welsh Government spokesman said: "As Caerphilly Council has taken action in response to the arrest of the suspended Chief Executive and his interim replacement to ensure the Council continues to serve the people of Caerphilly, there is no case to Hat Adidas

Council leader Harry Andrews had recommended the appointment of former chief executive Stuart Rosser, but councillors were later told the role had to be advertised.

Avon and Somerset Police are investigating the matter after the WAO found pay rises of up to 20 per cent were unlawful. The rises saw hundreds of staff, whose pay was frozen, walk out in disgust.

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Now a Freedom of Information Act request by former Caerphilly councillor Graham Simmonds has revealed that the average paid to the 40 staff was 2,567.72.

Auditors for the Wales Audit Office are currently examining payments made to 40 senior staffers to buy them out of an essential car users scheme, after the council referred the matter to the body for independent review.

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