New Era 39thirty Star Wars

New Era 39thirty Star Wars

It made it an uphill struggle for me New Era 39thirty Star Wars and from the halfway point I realised that my world title was going to be taken away from me and there was little I could do about it.

New Era 39thirty Star Wars

Taking my WBC belt meant that Alexis became a world champion at three different weights which, unlike now, was almost unheard of. I think he was only the sixth man to do it and you have to bare in mind that back then there were only two titles to go for.

New Era 39thirty Star Wars

Over came Alexis from Nicaragua and the first thing he did was shake my hand, say how pleased he was to meet me and then pose for photos. The way he conducted himself then will always be my abiding memory of him.

Jim Watt

Jim Holborn says.

VacatedI do remember he was set up for a fight with Roberto Duran, but blew it by losing to Vilomar Fernandez. I don't think he would have beaten Duran, but even fighting him would've made Alexis a much bigger name.

But it was not really that nice fighting him! He had just moved up from super featherweight and was my mandatory challenger New Era Logo On Mlb Hats

Back then trash talking seemed to be the order of the day and in my previous two fights I'd had both Charlie Nash and Howard Davis Jr telling me and the world what they were going to do to me. All that was, and is stupid, rubbish, and I hated it.

PreciseThat meant he was exceptionally good at long range. And even at distance he could put plenty of power into his shots. He was also a very precise puncher and rarely wasted them. He would wait until he was right in front of you to let them go and of course, was out of my range most of the night.

I wouldn't like to comment on the bottle incident in the first, but it was a helluva fight. Alexis lost the rematch of course, but there was no shame in that because Pryor was a very good fighter with an incredible engine.

Then over came Alexis from Nicaragua and the first thing he did was shake my hand, say how pleased he was to meet me and then pose for photos. The way he conducted himself then will always be my abiding memory of him.

Of course he was the man who took my world title off me back in 1981 but the first thing I will always remember about him was what a classy operator he was in and out of the ring.

There were none of the back door routes and various organisations open to today's boxers and I can't begin to think how many titles Arguello would've ended up with today!

A classy operator

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New Era 39thirty Star Wars

New Era 39thirty Star Wars

Alexis tried to make a comeback eight years later and that was really the start of his problems. They were no secret and I think I am right in saying he was taken to hospital after attempting to commit suicide a few years back.

It is another sad loss to the world of boxing.

New Era 39thirty Star Wars

Even on Wednesday when I heard the news, I was listening to the radio reporting the sad death of Mollie Sugden and then wondered whether Alexis would get a mention. He didn't, but everyone in boxing knows what he meant to the sport.

This is one of the most honest pieces i have heard about boxing for a long time. No mention of how many tickets the boxer can sell, his gimmicks, his past New Era Cap Houston Astros

But I will always remember him as a gentleman. As we all did then, he took on the best around and was one of the first to win world titles at three different weights and did so with class.

New Era 39thirty Star Wars

olympic status; just honest to goodness boxing ability. With lines such as: "there was no back door routes then". I have commented on a lot sky sports opinion pages and I probably sound quite scathing of certain boxers but in reality I want the best for all of them. Whet i would like to see though, is a return to the best fighting the best so we can dispense with past amateur conquests making way for boxers whom dont have to scrimp and scrape a living from the sport. Some say that pure ability would definately get you noticed but I disagree with that as unless you are a household name through past amateur performances, a knock out artist (who, as I've found, generally get tagged by boxing ability later in their carrears by seasoned and well experienced 10 12 rounders), a celebrity nice person, or a top promoters puppet, you would never get a chance at anything worthwhile. Just look at how many boxers retire unbeaten after realising that they are none of the above and therefore it doesn't matter how good they are, they are not in with the likes of Frank Warren or other top promoters or the media, so pack it in. Its sad for a man to realise that his dreams were never in a million years ever going to become reality because hes never had privilage. as ive said before, lets get real. Jim Watt was a real deserving champ, lost his title by the better man on the day, a British/Scotish legend, I watched the fight. Arguello; as good as Leonard, Hearns, but not in the "show weight divisions".

New Era 39thirty Star Wars

New Era 39thirty Star Wars

But the fact is he never lost a world title in the ring. He always moved up and vacated or lost when his title wasn't on the line, yet he will probably be best remembered for those two light welterweight title fights with Aaron Pryor.

back then you just fought the best around, simple as that but he was still incredibly tall for a lightweight. How he had made featherweight, I'll never know!

He was a huge name in the sport and always will be, but he never really had the same crossover appeal as the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns or New Era Mlb 59fifty

New Era 39thirty Star Wars

We bumped into each other plenty of times over in Las Vegas, where we were both doing commentary work, and we always exchanged pleasantries. We didn't really get to know each other very well, but it was always a pleasure to see him. I saw him not long ago in Los Angeles for the Oscar de la Hoya Stevie Forbes fight and he was just the same. We had a good chat and it was nice to catch up.

What are your memories of the late Alexis Arguello? Let us know by filling in the feedback form below.

Marvin Hagler.

New Era 39thirty Star Wars

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