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The electric guitar had not yet been invented in Victorian times, but there were still a number of public figures who achieved rock star status. in the Boott Cotton Mills Museum gallery at 115 John St. in Lowell, Mass.

The exhibit will be on display through Oct.

Ny Hats White

Ny Hats White

Prior to working at the Globe, Burr was the chief video critic at Entertainment Weekly. His books, which include "The Best Old Movies for Families: A Guide to Watching Together" and "The Hundred Greatest Movies of All Time," will be available for sale and signing at this event.

This free, interactive exhibit will feature a collection of Dickens artifacts on loan from institutions such as the Charles Dickens Museum in London and Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. Dickens' connections to Massachusetts will be spotlighted.

Ny Hats White

Ny Hats White

Ny Hats White

Ny Hats White

With his long hair and Ny Hats White flamboyant approach to fashion, the young Dickens cut a dashing figure when he first visited the United States. People were so captivated by him that they would crowd into the streets when he passed by, hoping to get close enough to cut a lock of his hair as a souvenir.

Those familiar with German geography may assume the cake originated in the Schwarzwald (or Black Forest) mountain range, and they would be partially right. The most widely accepted explanation for the dessert's name, which is Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte in German, is that it's named for Schwarzwalder Kirschwasser. New Era Seattle Mariners

to the event.

Teresa Santoski (who writes The Week in Preview) encourages her German readers to exercise appropriate caution and avoid celebrating National Black Forest Cake Day with a black market Black Forest cake. Information should be submitted at least two weeks prior New Era Yankees Cap

a Black Forest cake cannot legally be sold as

Ny Hats White

Another possible explanation for the cake's name is that it resembles the traditional costume worn by unmarried women in the Black Forest region: a black skirt and bodice (the chocolate) over a puffy sleeved white blouse (the whipped cream), topped off with a wide flat hat covered with enormous red pompoms (the cherries).

A Black Forest cake consists of layers of chocolate cake alternating with layers of whipped cream and cherries. The whole shebang is frosted with more whipped cream and decorated with sour cherries and chocolate shavings.

truly delectable dessert and one of the most widely recognized German cakes. We encourage you to celebrate National Black Forest Cake Day by enjoying a slice. at the Nashua Public Library at 2 Court St.

Whatever the true story behind the Black Forest cake's name may be, it is nevertheless a Nike Cap Boys

This sour cherry brandy, also known as "kirsch," is special to the region and a key ingredient in the traditional Black Forest cake recipe.

Ny Hats White

Ny Hats White

With a dessert like apple pie, it's easy to see how it got its name. Something like Black Forest cake, on the other hand, is a trifle more mysterious. Today on National Black Forest Cake Day, we'll explore the story behind the name of this southern German dessert.

A local touring circus performance troupe for teenagers, the Flying Gravity Circus will feature acrobatics, clowning, juggling, unicycles, tightwire acts and more.

Ny Hats White

Ny Hats White

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