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Rising energy costs could be Nike Hats Navy Blue

At year's end Louisiana is doing better than the national average in job creation and employment. economy and the nation's worst oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the state still had close to 20,000 more jobs in October than the same month Nike Hat On Women

Tulane business professor Mark Rosa doesn't see much improvement anytime soon, especially with planned shutdowns at Avondale Shipyards and NASA's Michoud Assembly Center.

"How do you recover from these large employers that are losing so many employees, maybe you don't," said Rosa. "Maybe you get to a point where some of that talent moves out of the state if there aren't businesses that are moving in."

New Era Phoenix Coyotes

said Rosa. "Remember for every dollar that moves up it's an implicit tax on the growth of the economy."

2011 economic outlookin Louisiana

The unemployment rate in Louisiana still hovers around 8 percent.

New Era Phoenix Coyotes

a major buzz kill for the economy in 2011.

last year.

New Era Phoenix Coyotes

New Era Phoenix Coyotes

That's compared to close to 10 percent nationally.

"It New Era Phoenix Coyotes wouldn't surprise us at all to see $100 per barrel oil," New Era Hats Uk

"People are short down payment. people are upside down in their mortgages that they had some years ago as the housing prices have fallen," said Rosa. "That's still going to be a tough market.

New Era Phoenix Coyotes

New Era Phoenix Coyotes

The price at the pump is expected to soon hit three dollars per gallon in Louisiana.

New Era Phoenix Coyotes

But, he predicts the housing market will continue to struggle in the new year.

New Era Phoenix Coyotes

New Era Phoenix Coyotes

New Era Phoenix Coyotes

Rosa says slow growth is better than no growth and that gives him cautious optimism for a more prosperous new year.

"For 25 years we're the only state in south that sent more people outside the state rather than moving into the state," said Jindal. "For three years in a row now, we've had more people move into Louisiana."

New Era Phoenix Coyotes

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