New York New Era Hat

her tears as you get up and let her be alone for a while.

You are such a jerk!

caught by Puar during a tender and erotic moment with Yamcha. You cant stop thinking about the look on her face as she saw you both getting intimate. Whispers come from the kitchen where Puar and Yamcha talk about what just happened.

Weak cries come from the living room, you peer into the dark room to see water run down Puar's cheeks as they leak from her eyes, "Puar" you speak walking over to her. "What do you want?" She snaps at you, turning away. "Puar I know this is hard but It wasnt supposed to end up like that". "I knew something like this would of happened" she New York New Era Hat cries as she struggles to cope with it. "I know he is your friend but I what is done and I cant change it".

"Im gonna talk to her" you tell him as he starts pulling down his boxers, "No!, leave her. she said it was fine now lets get start again" he says taking off his boxers and grabbing your hand. "I have too you!" tell him, pulling away from him and walking down the hallway.

I should never of slept in his room

I'm not doing that again!

New York New Era Hat

dont wake her during the night" he says pinning you onto the sheets and rubbing his excitement in between your legs. "Yamcha I think we should just get some sleep" you tell him pushing him off and crawling under the covers.

We already done something wrong, lets not make it worse


New York New Era Hat

Your body shivers as the cool wind blows onto it, you stand alone in the room after being New Era Nhl

New York New Era Hat

New York New Era Hat

Puar, Please dont be mad

Go finish yourself off like you did when I left the room

After many long, tension filled minutes Yamcha walks into the room, a smile is on his face as he sits next to you and starts sucking your neck, "Yamcha what did Puar say?" You ask him, pushing him away from you, "she said everything is fine and just to continue do as we please" he says leaning over to you and continuing to please himself. "Come on Yamcha tell me what she really said!" You tell him. "She just said that she was a bit surprised and shocked, but if we want to do something its our choice not hers" he says moving his hand down your body and pushing you back.

Sure you were!

No wait Yamcha, This does not feel right

New York New Era Hat

You peak down the hall and watch Puar smile at Yamcha as she says goodnight to him and hovers into her room. Yamcha walks down the hallway, calmly and walks into the room, He shuts the door and the second he does a cheeky grin appears on his face, he struts over to you and licks his lips. "Well Puar is in her room and is going to sleep, I just hope we Adidas Hat Aesthetic

I just want to go to sleep

I'm sorry

"I just never thought Yamcha would ever do a thing like this", "I know you must be hurting but what you have to understand is that me and Yamcha have some chemistry between us". "I know", Puar wipes away Boston Braves Cap

He is so horny, I thought he was shy of women.

New York New Era Hat

"Dont I get a goodnight kiss?" He sarcastically says, you turn and lean up and glare at him, "I suppose so". You bend down and give him a peck on the cheek but he just sighs, "I meant down there" he says pulling down the covers slightly, "YAMCHA!" You scream at him as you punch his shoulder, "I was kidding!" He says turning from you and falling asleep.

What about Puar?

What are they saying?Poor Puar

New York New Era Hat

New York New Era Hat

Why does Puar stay here?

A Bandit called Yamcha Final

I hope Puar is ok

New York New Era Hat

New York New Era Hat

I wish I could

Walking into the bedroom Yamcha lies under the covers as the sheets move vertically and back downward as Yamcha moans your name while his body tightens. "Hey, ready for round two" he says pulling his hands out from under the sheets and begins thrusting his body in your direction. "Yamcha I think you need to talk to Puar" you tell him, "But what about.", "YAMCHA!" You scowl at him, he gives in and jumps to his feet and pulls on his boxers and storms out the room to talk to her. You sit on the bed and run your fingers through your hair, feeling guilty as the night grows darker and more heavy on you.

New York New Era Hat

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