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Although this figure was regarded by UK lawyers as totally inadequate, the picture became even worse this week in the Royal Courts of Justice, when it withdrew its offer.

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Raymond Nesbitt, 44, died in 1984 after contracting bladder cancer. He worked at Washington Chemical Company from 1962, making lagging for pipes.

The dangers are known nowadays witness the families who have lost loved ones to asbestos related diseases.

Asbestos was commonly used in shipyards across the city throughout the 1960s and 70s.

Other victims include Walter Smith who died in March aged 81 after suffering from mesothelioma. He worked for Washington Chemical Company until the mid 1960s, where he was responsible for dumping waste asbestos and magnesium on giant waste piles.


The high death rate from mesothelioma among Wearside women is due mainly to those who worked at the former Washington Chemicals, which New Era Caps Chicago Cubs

The bosses were aware of the hazard, as has been documented, but they did their best to keep the knowledge to themselves.

after medical reports suggested she died from asbestos related cancer two years ago.

The move could have far reaching effects on claims for compensation and T pension payments in the UK. state of Delaware today.

Children played in the waste asbestos dust that was heaped up outside the factory now the derelict Cape Insulation plant in Washington.

While sufferers battle for breath, the lawyers are battling it out in the courts for compensation and they are facing the same resolute obduracy that typified the bosses of old.

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Edward Snowball, of Washington, died in 1968 after working in the factory. The 68 year old had a shadow on his lung and died within a fortnight of it being discovered.

Solicitors representing the family said 75 year old Doris Braley had been exposed to the killer fibres as she washed work clothing belonging to labourer husband, Frank, who had been involved in the construction of housing estates in North Sunderland.

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Neither were the employees of the Washington Chemical Company, many of whom have reaped, or are still reaping, the grim legacy of working with asbestos.

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The city is among the worst for deaths from mesothelioma a cancerous tumour of the lung found in workers exposed to asbestos.

Sunderland has suffered from asbestos related disease more than almost anywhere else in the country, according to a report by the Health Jordan Hats For Men

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The new "boss" is Federal Mogul which, through a process of takeovers, has found itself saddled with a large number of compensation claims for asbestos related diseases. giant took over, it filed for protective bankruptcy because of the number of claims relating to T and associated companies, among them the former Washington Chemical Company.

Labourers involved in the construction of some of Sunderland's biggest housing estates during the 70s, including Witherwack, Red House and Marley Pots, were also exposed to asbestos, which was commonly used.

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and Safety Executive.

Being kids, they licked their fingers and traced their names in the dust while their parents worked with the killer material and went home in clothes permeated with asbestos dust.

NOBODY was warned of the danger. Not the thousands who worked in Sunderland's shipbuilding industry, nor the many workers employed in construction.

produced asbestos products.

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Not that Wearside could have turned its back on the industry that made it a world leader, or the people of Washington could have afforded to Cap Adidas Neo shun a major employer.

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His son John William Smith now suffers from pleural plaques, another asbestos related disease at the centre of a different legal battle.

Many of those affected are thought to have contracted the condition which can lie dormant for decades when they were exposed to asbestos fibres in the workplace.

Thousands of people exposed to asbestos in the workplace and not told about the risks involved are fighting for compensation. Will they ever see justice? TREVOR HOYLAND reports.

This week's move mainly affects former employees at the factory, and those receiving pensions from the T fund. But the killer dust casts a larger cloud.

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Yvonne Deary, from Witherwack, says she was "robbed" of her mother Arizona Cardinals Hat

He played in the asbestos heaps as a child and believes he got the scarring on his lungs from either that or from helping his mum wash his dad's clothes when he was younger.

At first Federal Mogul offered to pay a widely derided figure of $40million (about 23million) to settle claims in the UK and, crucially, the rest of the world.

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